146: AIDS and Rubber Gloves Always Win

My sister Rachel visits us for this episode and we discuss her trip out to tour Biola University and it’s two chapels. Don’t worry, they have a gym. Victoria forces us to watch a movie musical which doesn’t suck so bad and I can’t seem to make up my mind as to whether or not I like one of the beers of the week.

We watch a great Padres game and discuss the joy of tequila shots and Padres comebacks. We learn some fundamental rules for Apples to Apples. We have Rachel’s dad over for a visit and we have to censor our game of Scattergories to keep things from getting awkward. Victoria argues against Shark Week and I have to spread my love for it. You get to hear what it sounds like when Victoria realizes early into a debate that she’s wrong.

Victoria introduces us to the geekest sports related event ever. It’s even called a Jamboree. We continue the dork with talk of the Torchwood series “Children of Earth” and a Meatloaf poem. Daniel brings some things he learned from Podcasts this week and Victoria gives good noms. Cooking Time: 1:10:29