145: Awesome and The Glory Box

This episode, recorded live, starts right off with Victoria being a racist Mick, beer tasting as usual and major Uncast news: WE HAVE A VOICEMAIL LINE NOW! Give us a call at 619-940-4SEX (4739) to send us a drunk message, some audio porn, comment on a show, ask a black or just say hi. Whatever you want to discuss, that’s the number to call.

We start off the episode by reflecting back on the last weekend. The DaHonays came to visit us and camp with their kids and their luscious neighbor, the insatiable Yummy Lane. We discover a new Coke machine called “Freestyle” that will likely never see the light of day. We jump right into movies including 8 conventional trailer styles that need to die and the latest movie we hate. Let me give you a clue: It rhymes with Learn After Breeding.

Daniel transitions from movies to sex with some more of his famous redactions. To be honest, they’ve become more things he’s proud of or things he can shake in our face a year later than redactions. We have a couple sexy articles including the Berlin Sex Academy and 10 Favorite Fetishes. Uncast bed now has new rules, Victoria searches for the best album to have sex to and she follows this up with an Awesome List! All in about 76 minutes!