August 2009

148: He Strokes His Staff And Quivers

Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us this week! We start right off with the news of Michael Jackson’s death being ruled a homicide. You know, so you can immediately tell when this was recorded and how long it takes for us to get a show out. Victoria realizes a few discrepancies in the multiculturalism of some recent movies. We ask you all a very simple question: what’s hotter? Werewolf sex or Vampire sex? This of course leads into talk of the VAMP dildo and why it’s not quite as great as one might think at first.

We are so proud that The DaH Theory was quoted in a article but did they have to blow their “a-twitter” punwad on a story about the Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart sex tape? Victoria spends most of the rest of the episode going over some things she learned from TV including something about free sex from stewardesses on your birthday and bacon donuts with beer chocolate sauce.

As always we’ve got a few articles for you to ponder. First there are Ten Tips To Glamour a Man Into Thinking You’re Perfect and then what I think has to be one of the most racist websites from a major corporation that I’ve seen in some time. I thought segregation was over. Last of course, if we have Rhian as a guest, that means there’s some whore news!

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147: Fuck You, You’re The Cat

Right off the bat I warn you this is well over two hours long. We recorded this on the night of August 13th and again August 17th. Plus there’s a song at the end. It’s been too long since we put an episode out so I just put the two together without any real editing.

Victoria starts the show right off by making the claim that if Obama tells the press what his true favorite beer is, it will make children drink that beer. We do a few movie reviews including the girls review of 500 Days of Summer, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, Twilight and the last Broadway performance of RENT. The girls talk about their day at San Diego State University campus including how to do if you want to avoid getting penis up the butt on the trolley and our day visiting family.  We play a rousing game of Eat Kill or Fuck and I tell some things I learned from podcasts this week. There’s a bit of sports news (that is now OLD NEWS) and we discuss a few sex related articles just to annoy the sister.

Starting the second half the show we discuss our Anniversary night and Rachel’s weekend with her dad. We learn Victoria is the teenager of the couple. Then we move on to a couple lists from KISS has a new album and we wonder who’s more of a sell-out: KISS for selling their album at Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart for selling their album. Victoria brings up some celebrity tweets and we bring a question to the table from our listener, Yummy Lane: why do people ask your opinion then tell you that your wrong? I follow that up by asking why ask for advice and then give a million reasons why you can’t follow it? Katy Perry also gives props for her awkward chest to God.

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Five Incredibly Impractical Sexual Fetishes
36 Words You Should Never Say In Bed
20 Greatest High School Proms of All-Time
The 40 Hottest 25 and Under Female Celebrities
“God made my boobs bigger” – Katy Perry
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146: AIDS and Rubber Gloves Always Win

My sister Rachel visits us for this episode and we discuss her trip out to tour Biola University and it’s two chapels. Don’t worry, they have a gym. Victoria forces us to watch a movie musical which doesn’t suck so bad and I can’t seem to make up my mind as to whether or not I like one of the beers of the week.

We watch a great Padres game and discuss the joy of tequila shots and Padres comebacks. We learn some fundamental rules for Apples to Apples. We have Rachel’s dad over for a visit and we have to censor our game of Scattergories to keep things from getting awkward. Victoria argues against Shark Week and I have to spread my love for it. You get to hear what it sounds like when Victoria realizes early into a debate that she’s wrong.

Victoria introduces us to the geekest sports related event ever. It’s even called a Jamboree. We continue the dork with talk of the Torchwood series “Children of Earth” and a Meatloaf poem. Daniel brings some things he learned from Podcasts this week and Victoria gives good noms. Cooking Time: 1:10:29

145: Awesome and The Glory Box

This episode, recorded live, starts right off with Victoria being a racist Mick, beer tasting as usual and major Uncast news: WE HAVE A VOICEMAIL LINE NOW! Give us a call at 619-940-4SEX (4739) to send us a drunk message, some audio porn, comment on a show, ask a black or just say hi. Whatever you want to discuss, that’s the number to call.

We start off the episode by reflecting back on the last weekend. The DaHonays came to visit us and camp with their kids and their luscious neighbor, the insatiable Yummy Lane. We discover a new Coke machine called “Freestyle” that will likely never see the light of day. We jump right into movies including 8 conventional trailer styles that need to die and the latest movie we hate. Let me give you a clue: It rhymes with Learn After Breeding.

Daniel transitions from movies to sex with some more of his famous redactions. To be honest, they’ve become more things he’s proud of or things he can shake in our face a year later than redactions. We have a couple sexy articles including the Berlin Sex Academy and 10 Favorite Fetishes. Uncast bed now has new rules, Victoria searches for the best album to have sex to and she follows this up with an Awesome List! All in about 76 minutes!