144: You My Hybrid

Holy shit it’s getting hot in here! We get some comments and emails from listeners and talk about the last week’s events including a very busy Saturday with family at Stone Bistro & Gardens and Stone Brewery. Jesus (played by Phillip Macnitt) is tough but fair. Butch tells us about a newly discovered downtown establishment called Currant serving cheap Absinthe and tasty popcorn among other great things. We discuss the Gay Pride Parade we missed and the movie Milk which we did NOT miss.

We all learn about the hidden power of urine, hot chicks in police uniforms are extra hot, fisting is fucking not making love and Victoria likes gentle sex but fantasizes about violent sex. Victoria tells us things she has learned from the TV Show Top Chef Masters and shares with the class. We end with some sports story about an 81 year old NASCAR driver and a review about a train wreck documentary we experienced called Confessions Of A Superhero. All in 1:17:23 for the folks on commutes.

Links Of The Week:
Butch and Aaron go Office Space on Furniture
The Power of Pee
The Island of Misfit Songs