July 2009

144: You My Hybrid

Holy shit it’s getting hot in here! We get some comments and emails from listeners and talk about the last week’s events including a very busy Saturday with family at Stone Bistro & Gardens and Stone Brewery. Jesus (played by Phillip Macnitt) is tough but fair. Butch tells us about a newly discovered downtown establishment called Currant serving cheap Absinthe and tasty popcorn among other great things. We discuss the Gay Pride Parade we missed and the movie Milk which we did NOT miss.

We all learn about the hidden power of urine, hot chicks in police uniforms are extra hot, fisting is fucking not making love and Victoria likes gentle sex but fantasizes about violent sex. Victoria tells us things she has learned from the TV Show Top Chef Masters and shares with the class. We end with some sports story about an 81 year old NASCAR driver and a review about a train wreck documentary we experienced called Confessions Of A Superhero. All in 1:17:23 for the folks on commutes.

Links Of The Week:
Butch and Aaron go Office Space on Furniture
The Power of Pee
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143: Tour De Farce

This is our first live show on ustream.tv! Thanks to all those who were there for the inaugural evening. We start the show right off with the news that we’ve finally reached 2007 and bought ourselves a couple new Blackberry Curves. We pimp out one of our favorite local breweries: Lightning Brewery. Check them out! Jim is an awesome guy and the beer is amazing! Stone’s the big dog in San Diego but the men of Lightning are our favorite brewers. We reminisce about our birthday party weekend, Fourth of July at the inlaws and two new additions to our video game collection: WWE vs RAW 2009 and Lego Star Wars.

So how did our Fourth of July go? Victoria’s dad is Hipster Patient Zero, I renew my hatred for PBR and Victoria is still an awesome cook! Victoria is down for repairs and she needs a new toy! You can send us a monetary donation or contact Victoria for the short list of toys she’s wanting most. Don’t worry, they’re not expensive! Victoria reviews a few movies she’s recently seen and we discuss 5 bizarre sexual conditions that can ruin your life. We discuss the crazy that was Michael Jackson’s funeral, a few things I learned from podcasts recently and the farce that is the Tour De Force. We give this to you in under 52 minutes. Enjoy the ride.

While you’re listening, check out http://www.uncast.net and donate! Victoria needs a new toy and 10% of every donation goes to the Lupus Foundation of America. Bring it on! Empty those wallets! When you’re done listening, check out some of our friends podcasts!

142: No Pants? No Problem!

I’ll keep it simple up front by saying this is an Uncast Birthday Party Episode. OK now with that out of the way, let’s get to the topics. It’s a weekend of beer, sex and music and there was LOADS of each to be had by all. We discuss the San Diego International Beer Festival where Mr DaH was the socialite of the smoking section. We go on a tour of five San Diego breweries where we realize DaHonay gets a little friendly after about 10 tasters Then of course there’s the Party! Super Birthday Party! where we learn the Preakness sucks. Last, we toss in some redactions and an Awesome List just for kicks.

We ask the listener what constitutes a love making or fuck session and if a vegetarian has oral sex with a non-vegetarian does that make them a semi-vegetarian? We learn everyone’s nickname and party theme song, US Border Patrol agents are a cult of hawt mess, some dumb bitches are on this earth only to be gotten drunk and laid, breweries should not allow their employees to drink on the job and naptime rocks! All this and SOO much more in just over 95 minutes. Hey, no pants? No problem! Just bring protection cause this one’s sticky and covered in sweat.

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Ballast Point Brewing Company
AleSmith Brewing Company
Lightning Brewery
Port Brewing/Lost Abbey Brewing
Stone Brewery and Stone World Bistro & Gardens
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