139: Beaver Vendetta

We have Rhian from Audiobuzzed joining us this week! We start right off with some great beer from Anderson Valley and how we can help your girlfriend like beer more. Victoria discovers an old TV show hosted by Mr T called “Be Somebody” and Rhian brings us some Whore News! There’s plenty of food lists to discuss, ways to tell your man will be bad in bed and how to explain to someone the difference between different religious texts based on a movie trilogy type premise. We give you this and so much more in

We have a question for all of you this week: What is your music or movie dealbreaker? Meaning, which movie(s), musician(s) or song(s) would you cause you to break up with your significant other for liking or disliking? Send us your answer by leaving a comment on our Facebook Fan Page or emailing us at uncast.net@gmail.com! 61 and a half minutes!

Helping Your Girlfriend Like Beer
12 signs He’ll Be Bad In Bed
Top 10 Food Lists
Mr T – “Be Somebody”