137: AIDS Is Hilarious

There’s a lot going on this week. We start out with a solid trio of beers, including a stout brewed by Satan himself. You know it’s true both from the demon on the bottle and the 16% ABV. We review Game Night at Becky’s place and do a short review of an animated penguin flick from 2007. You guess which one before you listen and see if you’re right at the end.

We get the latest Susan Boyle news, though no one truly cares, and some surprising fact about the Pringles chips we all love so much (or not). We learn about why we stare at freaks, how worms can cure your disease and a recent trend popularized by a local burger chain. We have some letters from listeners, a great TV show Victoria just found and a short bit about music. We end the show with a new segment which should become a constant in the show: RECIPE OF THE WEEK! Thanks to Lil for the idea! You get this show in a robust 62:20, slow roasted to bring out all the best flavors.

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