136: I Deep Throated The Horny Devil

Butch joins us for a night of booze and sexual innuendo. Not surprised? Not fresh? Think again! We each gain new nicknames, learn that the two of swords is bad in tarot AND threesomes and ask ourselves one very important question: what the hell is up with Kanye West and that Al B. Sure haircut he’s sporting these days? Well OK Daniel gets two new nicknames AND a new title but that’s neither here nor there.

There’s talk of Disneyland rides through concentration camps, burping and not from Big Jim, we’re bad fake parents, Mormons need to be made into skin suits and Butch is offended that I am not sexually attracted to him. Oh and that’s just SOME of what this episode contains.

Oh and there’s articles galore up in this show! Hot stuff? Got it. Attempted Murder? Check. Peeing in the Pool. HUH? We learn what Stippers can tell us about evolution and even a little taste of Israel not knowing where their borders are again. Fuck Jason Mraz, Snatchbox 21 rules! All this in under 76 minutes and that’s WITH our debut of DJ Brotherdarknesses new hit single. BOOM!

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