June 2009

141: It’s Mah Birfday! Raowr!

Guess who’s birthday it is THIS episode? Victoria loves champagne and all of you in this episode. We head out to a great place called Ritual Tavern for birthdays/Father’s Day and enjoy a new hippy brew. We bring a few lists to the show including seven baffling criminal defenses and ten beers you must try this summer. Once she gets what she wants, she’s all of a sudden done with the show so this one is just 34:46 long. Enjoy!

140: Icy Dead People

It’s Daniel’s birthday! We discuss a beer tasting party we had last week that included one strong lesson: When doing a beer tasting with 4oz tasters and using beers that are all over 9% ABV and over 90IBU, ten might be a bit too many. Still, we had a BLAST.

We move on to Victoria’s work party, weird dreams, some ideas from listeners and some things we’ve learned from podcasts recently. There’s some sports updates, 25 movie lines you should never quote and Cooking With Victoria. Then the cups of grass…30 Rock is a rip off of the Muppet Show. Eat your heart out!All this in 84:23!

139: Beaver Vendetta

We have Rhian from Audiobuzzed joining us this week! We start right off with some great beer from Anderson Valley and how we can help your girlfriend like beer more. Victoria discovers an old TV show hosted by Mr T called “Be Somebody” and Rhian brings us some Whore News! There’s plenty of food lists to discuss, ways to tell your man will be bad in bed and how to explain to someone the difference between different religious texts based on a movie trilogy type premise. We give you this and so much more in

We have a question for all of you this week: What is your music or movie dealbreaker? Meaning, which movie(s), musician(s) or song(s) would you cause you to break up with your significant other for liking or disliking? Send us your answer by leaving a comment on our Facebook Fan Page or emailing us at uncast.net@gmail.com! 61 and a half minutes!

Helping Your Girlfriend Like Beer
12 signs He’ll Be Bad In Bed
Top 10 Food Lists
Mr T – “Be Somebody”

138: The Bookstore Is Incest

It’s all stage and screen this week. We talk about our viewing of a local production of Hedwig And The Angry Inch. There’s awards shows abound including the Tony’s and the MTV Movie Awards. Thank you Bret Michaels and Sasha Baren Cohen for making those shows memorable.

We try to help educate the public on the history of erotic asphyxiation tragedies, enjoy three movie reviews from Victoria, learn about stupid people in Eastern California and discover a site selling some very strange sex toys. Add in some redactions from Daniel and a great book for the summer. All this and more in just 63 minutes!

137: AIDS Is Hilarious

There’s a lot going on this week. We start out with a solid trio of beers, including a stout brewed by Satan himself. You know it’s true both from the demon on the bottle and the 16% ABV. We review Game Night at Becky’s place and do a short review of an animated penguin flick from 2007. You guess which one before you listen and see if you’re right at the end.

We get the latest Susan Boyle news, though no one truly cares, and some surprising fact about the Pringles chips we all love so much (or not). We learn about why we stare at freaks, how worms can cure your disease and a recent trend popularized by a local burger chain. We have some letters from listeners, a great TV show Victoria just found and a short bit about music. We end the show with a new segment which should become a constant in the show: RECIPE OF THE WEEK! Thanks to Lil for the idea! You get this show in a robust 62:20, slow roasted to bring out all the best flavors.

Uncast is hosting a Double/Imperial IPA Beer Tasting Friday, June 12th! Email us if you want to attend and be a part of this and let us know which Double/Imperial IPA you’re bringing. ALSO there’s the upcoming birthday party on June 27th. If you haven’t gotten the invite yet and you want to attend, please email us at uncast.net@gmail.com.

136: I Deep Throated The Horny Devil

Butch joins us for a night of booze and sexual innuendo. Not surprised? Not fresh? Think again! We each gain new nicknames, learn that the two of swords is bad in tarot AND threesomes and ask ourselves one very important question: what the hell is up with Kanye West and that Al B. Sure haircut he’s sporting these days? Well OK Daniel gets two new nicknames AND a new title but that’s neither here nor there.

There’s talk of Disneyland rides through concentration camps, burping and not from Big Jim, we’re bad fake parents, Mormons need to be made into skin suits and Butch is offended that I am not sexually attracted to him. Oh and that’s just SOME of what this episode contains.

Oh and there’s articles galore up in this show! Hot stuff? Got it. Attempted Murder? Check. Peeing in the Pool. HUH? We learn what Stippers can tell us about evolution and even a little taste of Israel not knowing where their borders are again. Fuck Jason Mraz, Snatchbox 21 rules! All this in under 76 minutes and that’s WITH our debut of DJ Brotherdarknesses new hit single. BOOM!

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