135: I’m Totally Following Your SuperPenis Now

We have a new guest this week! BigJim from Audiobuzzed joins us for the podcast and listen to what he brings out of Victoria. Hint: it’s not his cock…yet…although we do learn that Victoria creams in BevMo. After a bit of beer talk, we discuss Daniel’s strategy for battling earworms. You’ll never believe what it might be. Jim has a few comments about recent episodes and we discuss those before Jim makes a BIG announcement on the show. You heard it here first!

We discuss the latest with Alec Baldwin vs Ireland, Victoria Beckham trying to send David into bankruptcy and Jim’s parents strange porn collection. Hello, episode 14 is calling. It wants it’s topics back. Victoria brings an awesome list and has a message for Jim which reads in French: Je suis toujours mouiller et prête. Jim, go look that up and there you go buddy.

Ending the show, Victoria discusses what she learned from TV this week and we go through our shamebers. All in just 66:36.

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