133: The Smile Train’s A-Comin’!

This week we discuss the Gossip Girl finale, a high school softball pitching phenom and the Masturbate-A-Thon. We learn a number of things from how to be a movie snob to what the buffalo stance really is. We discuss things Daniel learned from podcasts including a letter to The Dah Theory about their recent episode 45. A cat has gotten half a million followers on Twitter so we have to rethink our marketing scheme for Cinnamon. We also ask the vital question: Who would you want on your unicorn, Neil Patrick Harris or William Shatner? Also, if you could time travel but outside of returning to current real time you could only go forward or backward, which would it be? Oh and Flash Mountain is back in business! Show those titties!

Two Notes this week:
First and foremost, congrats to ElleJ on her recent marriage! Enjoy Bermuda and a long happy life together!
Second and also important is June 27th at Casa De Uncast. That would be the date and location for our joint birthday party! If you haven’t already received an invite, it’s because we haven’t sent them out. Want to make sure you get on the invite list? Email us at uncast.net@gmail.com!