May 2009

135: I’m Totally Following Your SuperPenis Now

We have a new guest this week! BigJim from Audiobuzzed joins us for the podcast and listen to what he brings out of Victoria. Hint: it’s not his cock…yet…although we do learn that Victoria creams in BevMo. After a bit of beer talk, we discuss Daniel’s strategy for battling earworms. You’ll never believe what it might be. Jim has a few comments about recent episodes and we discuss those before Jim makes a BIG announcement on the show. You heard it here first!

We discuss the latest with Alec Baldwin vs Ireland, Victoria Beckham trying to send David into bankruptcy and Jim’s parents strange porn collection. Hello, episode 14 is calling. It wants it’s topics back. Victoria brings an awesome list and has a message for Jim which reads in French: Je suis toujours mouiller et prête. Jim, go look that up and there you go buddy.

Ending the show, Victoria discusses what she learned from TV this week and we go through our shamebers. All in just 66:36.

How to throw a cuddle party
Stronger Beer Coming to Alabama
7 Biggest Food Product Flops

134: That Was Nice

This week we discuss three main subjects: Music, Sex and Cannibalism. Ready? Alright let’s do this bitch.

We start out discussing a recent VH1 Classic series we watched on the history of Metal music, have a nice anti-intellectual conversation about cannibalism and discuss things guys don’t want to hear after sex. Oh btw, spoiler alert: we disagree with most of them.

There’s some discussion about our beer of the week, interesting grocery lists and Dr Pepper vs it’s many imposters. Would you go to a gyno named Dr Sparkles? Dr Rocket? Yeah she wouldn’t either. There’s some Eurovision discussion and we wrap it all up with some more booze talk. This is the longest one we’ve done in a few at 98 minutes but trust me, it’s no slouch.

133: The Smile Train’s A-Comin’!

This week we discuss the Gossip Girl finale, a high school softball pitching phenom and the Masturbate-A-Thon. We learn a number of things from how to be a movie snob to what the buffalo stance really is. We discuss things Daniel learned from podcasts including a letter to The Dah Theory about their recent episode 45. A cat has gotten half a million followers on Twitter so we have to rethink our marketing scheme for Cinnamon. We also ask the vital question: Who would you want on your unicorn, Neil Patrick Harris or William Shatner? Also, if you could time travel but outside of returning to current real time you could only go forward or backward, which would it be? Oh and Flash Mountain is back in business! Show those titties!

Two Notes this week:
First and foremost, congrats to ElleJ on her recent marriage! Enjoy Bermuda and a long happy life together!
Second and also important is June 27th at Casa De Uncast. That would be the date and location for our joint birthday party! If you haven’t already received an invite, it’s because we haven’t sent them out. Want to make sure you get on the invite list? Email us at!

132: Happy World Lupus Day

Welcome to another show! Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us in an episode filled with moms, whores and babies. We celebrate Mother’s Day, discuss college applications, giving the love of your life a gay for Valentine’s Day and college application talk.

Victoria’s dad brings back some tequila and scotch from Mexico and we discuss Motherlover. It ain’t no Dick In A Box. Victoria learns more things this week and we discover Air Sex. We have to go. You have to come with us. Rhian brings us whore news and we remember the last weekend in Arizona one more time.

We end the show with baby names, casting for a new historical crime drama movie. we learn that Malley got lucky and we go through bachelorette parties and why women need to be surrounded by so much fake cock when they could easily get the real thing. The show notes are longer than the episode. This one’s about an hour ten.

Mom Sourcing
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Casting
Top Baby Names
Keith Malley got lucky

131: It Was Extra Coordinary

Start right off this week discussing alcoholic beverages and a wonderful date night. We mix in some zombie talk and images that might remind one of a porno slasher film. We headed out to Arizona for the weekend to celebrate a special birthday with The DaH Theory : MrDaH turned 38! Road trips are awesome and spending a weekend with the DaHonays is even more awesome. Victoria learns a few things and brings us an Awesome List. Oh, and we finally read some comments and notes from our listeners! Yes folks, we know you’re out there and we smell what you’re cookin! 62 minutes in, we’re done!

Links for the week:
Photographs from our weekend in DaHville!
You Can Freeze Anything