130: From Slurpers to Wheezers

Daniel’s sick but we’re both in great moods and the vibe is going strong! The episode starts out with a bit of beer shopping and tasty tastingness. We get ourselves going talking about bacon, deep fried mac n cheese and the wonderful food Victoria cooked this weekend.

There’s whacky custom license plates, bee gangs, glow worms and Victoria’s allergic to soy beans and soy milk but not soy sauce. Why is that? If Victoria has her way, Cinnamon may have a few new live toys to play with and prey on. Victoria contemplates going vegetarian and we both make fun of weather wimps in Pennsylvania.

Getting to news of the week, we discuss the swine flu pandemic and the death of Bea Arthur. Victoria points out some interesting lyrics and we learn a few things from TV. The Testicle Festival teaches us some things we need at the next Uncast party. Please check out that nifty donate button on the website at http://www.uncast.net. Thank you for your donation.

We add in some renegade magicians, we find out what shoes define us and ask what fast food related guest we could get on our show. We discuss anal play and who gets what when it’s unwelcome. Victoria discusses a story about a man who had a little too much fun in public. There’s a bit of sports news from Daniel, some bits of fashion, some of the worst inventions aimed at men and we end the show with a bit of H.U.A.R. news. All this in 1:21:40.

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