129: Crabapple Jesus

Victoria starts us off with a short bit about barbies before we get on with the meat of the episode (ie our first gay kiss). We then go from an article on the prevention of the start of life to the celebration of the end of it. Is it for us or for them? You tell us.

We learn about two men who turned their love of bacon into a business and there’s a bit of booze news & 40 years of postal service gaffs before we kick into gear with a few Victoria rants. All of this ends after a heartstopping 67 minutes, 35 seconds. Unbuckle your belt and spank someone with it!

Bono helps us find our souls
FDA gets it’s head out of the sand about teen sex
Turning bacon into a business
Woman nabbed twice in 3 hours for drunk driving
The 8 Stages of alcohol consumption
I could walk it there faster if it hadn’t come from Montana