128: 8-Bit Style

We start right off discussing songs, weak gang tags, middle-age crisis fail wrapped up in a roadster and 420. I don’t get it either. We move right on to whether or not line cooks are fucking with your shit and we have to put MrDah in his place in our own unique way.

Oh and one thing we failed to mention on the episode, I’ll just add right here: Dahonay, in regards to your words at the end of that episode, we’ll let you know when we’re done with you. You just keep on being you. We love you AND Mr Dah. Everyone check out The Dah Theory.

From here on there’s sports talk, movie reviews (including a gay orgy zombie flick), Victoria’s latest Awesome List and I bring in some more redactions. We learn that ironic hipsters are just trying to be like Victoria’s dad, the AVN Awards are awesome and Sexual Harassment isn’t about consent but about welcomeness. There good deed for the day is done. This one’s about 80 minutes long.