127: Cock Before Cancer

This week starts off with the revelation that Victoria is not Tori Amos. This leads into some American Idol talk. We discuss this Adam dude and the emotionally unstable cult that follows him. This of course leads into Victoria creating a religion that’s not a religion but more of Her Awesome Idea. The only real principles I paid attention to were: Beer is good, bacon is tasty and shirts off/tits out. Oh and of course we’ll start having meetings at Stone as soon as we can figure out what Her Awesome Idea is going to be.

We learn that Hippos are dangerous marblevores and we need more hippovores. Victoria runs through some backstory on 10 Dr Suess books while I discuss Objectum Sexuals on a semi-serious angle and why it scares me that some people take these disturbed individuals seriously. Remember when we first started talking about gay marriage and Christians asked, “what’s next? People will want to marry their TVs or pets.” Well, it’s starting and we need to stop it.

There’s a bit of a H.U.A.R. news as we learn robots now run on human blood and some microscopic ones fly. There’s some more Easter talk, Victoria loves KUSI and we give our book recommendation for the year: “Mr Darcy Takes a Wife” by Linda Berdoll. All this in 1:09:22.