124: I Ain’t Payin’ For Prayers

This episode is 4 x 31 flavors of fun! We start out innocently enough with a website that will allow you to pay for prayers to be said in your name. We go through 10 breweries you need to try in 2009 and while it’s not exactly our top 10 list, those on the list that we’ve had, we’ve liked for the most part and highly recommend.

Victoria brings us some job opportunities (eluded to briefly in 123), we learn that Alabama does in fact have a library, Britain is running out of Cocks and Bawls and we get an Awesome List from Victoria!

Then comes the real meat of the episode. I get serious for a bit and discuss a few things that just need to be said. Tune in and listen to find out what those things are! This episode is about an hour 45 long.

Pay For Prayers
10 U.S. Breweries to Try in 2009
Alabama has a library?
The U.K. is running out of Cocks
Mother Makes Her Kids Drink Meth Water