April 2009

130: From Slurpers to Wheezers

Daniel’s sick but we’re both in great moods and the vibe is going strong! The episode starts out with a bit of beer shopping and tasty tastingness. We get ourselves going talking about bacon, deep fried mac n cheese and the wonderful food Victoria cooked this weekend.

There’s whacky custom license plates, bee gangs, glow worms and Victoria’s allergic to soy beans and soy milk but not soy sauce. Why is that? If Victoria has her way, Cinnamon may have a few new live toys to play with and prey on. Victoria contemplates going vegetarian and we both make fun of weather wimps in Pennsylvania.

Getting to news of the week, we discuss the swine flu pandemic and the death of Bea Arthur. Victoria points out some interesting lyrics and we learn a few things from TV. The Testicle Festival teaches us some things we need at the next Uncast party. Please check out that nifty donate button on the website at http://www.uncast.net. Thank you for your donation.

We add in some renegade magicians, we find out what shoes define us and ask what fast food related guest we could get on our show. We discuss anal play and who gets what when it’s unwelcome. Victoria discusses a story about a man who had a little too much fun in public. There’s a bit of sports news from Daniel, some bits of fashion, some of the worst inventions aimed at men and we end the show with a bit of H.U.A.R. news. All this in 1:21:40.

Links of the Week:
10 Worst Products For Men Ever Discovered
PA schools close due to heat
Robot goes crazy
Humans United Against Robots
Texts From Last Night
Flu Pandemic by The Flying Fish Sailors

129: Crabapple Jesus

Victoria starts us off with a short bit about barbies before we get on with the meat of the episode (ie our first gay kiss). We then go from an article on the prevention of the start of life to the celebration of the end of it. Is it for us or for them? You tell us.

We learn about two men who turned their love of bacon into a business and there’s a bit of booze news & 40 years of postal service gaffs before we kick into gear with a few Victoria rants. All of this ends after a heartstopping 67 minutes, 35 seconds. Unbuckle your belt and spank someone with it!

Bono helps us find our souls
FDA gets it’s head out of the sand about teen sex
Turning bacon into a business
Woman nabbed twice in 3 hours for drunk driving
The 8 Stages of alcohol consumption
I could walk it there faster if it hadn’t come from Montana

127: Cock Before Cancer

This week starts off with the revelation that Victoria is not Tori Amos. This leads into some American Idol talk. We discuss this Adam dude and the emotionally unstable cult that follows him. This of course leads into Victoria creating a religion that’s not a religion but more of Her Awesome Idea. The only real principles I paid attention to were: Beer is good, bacon is tasty and shirts off/tits out. Oh and of course we’ll start having meetings at Stone as soon as we can figure out what Her Awesome Idea is going to be.

We learn that Hippos are dangerous marblevores and we need more hippovores. Victoria runs through some backstory on 10 Dr Suess books while I discuss Objectum Sexuals on a semi-serious angle and why it scares me that some people take these disturbed individuals seriously. Remember when we first started talking about gay marriage and Christians asked, “what’s next? People will want to marry their TVs or pets.” Well, it’s starting and we need to stop it.

There’s a bit of a H.U.A.R. news as we learn robots now run on human blood and some microscopic ones fly. There’s some more Easter talk, Victoria loves KUSI and we give our book recommendation for the year: “Mr Darcy Takes a Wife” by Linda Berdoll. All this in 1:09:22.

128: 8-Bit Style

We start right off discussing songs, weak gang tags, middle-age crisis fail wrapped up in a roadster and 420. I don’t get it either. We move right on to whether or not line cooks are fucking with your shit and we have to put MrDah in his place in our own unique way.

Oh and one thing we failed to mention on the episode, I’ll just add right here: Dahonay, in regards to your words at the end of that episode, we’ll let you know when we’re done with you. You just keep on being you. We love you AND Mr Dah. Everyone check out The Dah Theory.

From here on there’s sports talk, movie reviews (including a gay orgy zombie flick), Victoria’s latest Awesome List and I bring in some more redactions. We learn that ironic hipsters are just trying to be like Victoria’s dad, the AVN Awards are awesome and Sexual Harassment isn’t about consent but about welcomeness. There good deed for the day is done. This one’s about 80 minutes long.

126: Hichinks

Becky joins us for this episode.

We start right off discussing the weekend and things we learned this week including:

If you applied to UCSD and got accepted, you may want to hold off on sending them one of your own.
If you live in West Virginia, you may want to hold off on telling that cunt in your AP English class what you plan on doing to her boyfriend.
Photographing a celebrity wedding is a dangerous way to build your portfolio.
Fish make terrible footballs

Of course there may have been some mention of this being recorded on Easter weekend, Becky being a Jew and her husband being Asian. Oh and apparently every time Victoria stays at her house over night, I drink myself silly. Yeah there I said it. One hour, 25 minutes of podcast for your ears.

125: Carnies and Whores

Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us again! Yay Canadian Whores!

We start out as usual with drinks, move on to some things we learned, add in some hilarious articles and you have..well..the last 20 or so episodes.

In this one, we spend a day with my cousins, meet with someone from the LDS church (drama!) and then I need a drink so we drown that event in Stone Brewery. Russian River’s Pliny the Elder and AleSmith’s Brown Ale rock.

Rhian brings us some carny news and a few other funnies. We learn a bit about fake Twitter celebrities, sausages fryin in prison johns, pretty person syndrome and the very strange morals of Arabs. 1 Hour, 38.5 Minutes.

Check this shit out!
The Dah Theory
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The Litterbox Podcast
Keith and The Girl

124: I Ain’t Payin’ For Prayers

This episode is 4 x 31 flavors of fun! We start out innocently enough with a website that will allow you to pay for prayers to be said in your name. We go through 10 breweries you need to try in 2009 and while it’s not exactly our top 10 list, those on the list that we’ve had, we’ve liked for the most part and highly recommend.

Victoria brings us some job opportunities (eluded to briefly in 123), we learn that Alabama does in fact have a library, Britain is running out of Cocks and Bawls and we get an Awesome List from Victoria!

Then comes the real meat of the episode. I get serious for a bit and discuss a few things that just need to be said. Tune in and listen to find out what those things are! This episode is about an hour 45 long.

Pay For Prayers
10 U.S. Breweries to Try in 2009
Alabama has a library?
The U.K. is running out of Cocks
Mother Makes Her Kids Drink Meth Water