118: There’ll Always Be A Party In My Hands

We start right off as usual with a beer tasting. Victoria gets right to her redaction of some careless comment she made last week. In return, we make a proposition: I will remove her hand and allow her to attach the hook or appliance of her choice.

There’s some mention of an annoying Subway radio commercial, teens that don’t realize the internet is public and strategizing how we can spend our U.S. stimulus check in Canada. I’m thinking a trip to Ottawa. Victoria has a few less classy ideas. We read a story about one way (of many) that some Australian school employees are better than their American counterparts. We end our show with a topless coffee shop…in Maine. Shit! This one is under 55 minutes. Shortest show in a while.

Kimberly Swann is an idiot
This Australian school bus driver is not
Topless Coffee Shop

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