March 2009

123: One Big Fecal Joke

This show, with guest host Butch Rosser, aims to please and unlike Scarecrow Ale, it’s not weak ass piss water. It’s all ass all the time! Wait, there is an “s” in that word…right? Shit.

We start out discussing our day downtown, our love of It’s a Grind coffee and Pappalecco in general. What can we say? They make a great panini. We find a little passive-aggressive live and wired and hopefully introduce yet another segment to add to our collection: Soccer updates. I’ve been a fan of Norwich FC for years and a new Seattle Sounders fan. The San Diego Sockers are back and I’ll be discussing those teams and adding in a few football terms in the coming weeks.

Victoria adds things she learned from TV and I add in things I learned from podcasts this past week. I bring back “Daniel’s Redactions” and we end it with a PSA: If you have a plush uterus, please send it back. With all these topics and Butch on the show, you’d think this might be 2 hours long. Almost. 1:51:25.

122: Comfort In The Front, Anal In The Back

Victoria and I each bring in more things we learned, there’s talk about things your husband won’t tell you though the headline doesn’t tell us your husband is a father, some states ban beastiality and designer bitch goes mental with a cat. Can you believe this takes two hours to discuss? Enjoy!

121: Unniversary II – Eclectic Cockatoo

We start the show off with a list of things that worked in the last year and things that didn’t. The Dahonays surprise us with an Uncast Awesome List. We talk about how we got started and what inspired us to do a podcast. I start out my “Things I Learned From Podcasts” and Victoria gives up Jesus for cookies. She does hand out “Things I Learned From TV” so all’s well. We bring our own Awesome List for Year Two into the show and the show drops into chaos from there. It’s over two hours of awesome! Why are you still reading this? Start listening!

The Dah Theory
I Love Lard
Keith and The Girl
Digital Photography: Tips From the Top Floor
Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
Medical Miracle

120: She Showed Her Asshole a Little Bit

Where do we even start here? Southwest Airlines go swimsuit issue, there’s all sorts of McDonalds things to discuss and Victoria brings in a review of the stage version of Grease. There’s more TV talk as usual and what is up with all the Re-Tweeting? Dora is growing up and of course why end the episode happy? Yeah the Real IRA are back. Fuck us. This episode brought to you in less than 70 minutes.

For now, it’s Unniversary time! Listen in next week as we release the episodes from the party.

119: Stop Poking The Turtle!

This week includes recaps of a weekend apart, the death of Paul Harvey and sports. We have a breastfeeding driver, Xanadu advocating ecstasy use and parents don’t want to talk to their kids about disabled people. OOH and an awesome list!!! Don’t miss the 75 minutes of beer, balls, breasts and dead broadcasters.

Unniversary is in less than a week! Get your votes in on the new Official Beer of Uncast and again if you’re comin, please let us know ASAP! Deadline for notification is March 11th. That’s not too far away!

118: There’ll Always Be A Party In My Hands

We start right off as usual with a beer tasting. Victoria gets right to her redaction of some careless comment she made last week. In return, we make a proposition: I will remove her hand and allow her to attach the hook or appliance of her choice.

There’s some mention of an annoying Subway radio commercial, teens that don’t realize the internet is public and strategizing how we can spend our U.S. stimulus check in Canada. I’m thinking a trip to Ottawa. Victoria has a few less classy ideas. We read a story about one way (of many) that some Australian school employees are better than their American counterparts. We end our show with a topless coffee shop…in Maine. Shit! This one is under 55 minutes. Shortest show in a while.

Kimberly Swann is an idiot
This Australian school bus driver is not
Topless Coffee Shop

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