February 2009

117: The Pubic Wars

This is our longest episode in a while at 1:45:43. in fact, it’s so long we didn’t even include a “What I Learned From TV This Week” or outro music. That’s right. No outro music. How sad is that. So when Victoria says “Fuck You Lance Burton”, that’s it. It’s done. That’s all you get. Sad huh?

Topics this week we discuss the 10 most forgettable presidents, the Punic wars, The Oscars, Victoria’s fun at a recent Rev concert and one little girl who’s parents deserve the smack down her teacher let the kids give her.

Also, don’t forget! We have Unniversary II: Ecclectic Cockatoo coming March 14th at Casa de Uncast. Be there or…well…I guess listen to it later like you usually do. I’m just saying you’ll be missing out on the good booze and food. Email us at uncast.net@gmail.com for more information if you’re interested in attending the event live.

116: Eat Before You Come

Rhian joins us again! So of course there’s whore news, the normal things Victoria learned from TV, a new awesome list and a review of a party Aaron and Amanda held in Butch’s honor last week.

Oh and I have a job! Or well at least it’s temporary for now. If all goes well I’ll be officially employed by mid-May. We recap our Valentine’s day and then go through a few articles including celebrity reactions to the Rhianna-Chris Brown incident, a new San Diego based fake news site and a school thinks special ed students can’t handle the cold, even during a bomb scare.

Turd Meringues
Special Ed Class Left Behind in Bomb Scare
San Diego Headliner

Unniversary II is March 14th! Save the date and be there or miss out! If you’d like to attend, email us and we’ll provide you further information.

115: Spoiler Alert! The Jew Gets It In The End

This week it’s us alone discussing stupid song lyrics, the Super Bowl and it’s crazy ads as well as the San Diego Zoo’s new food & drink policy. We discuss why the city doesn’t want your help, two examples of why old women shouldn’t be allowed to drive and 10 movie endings that got spoiled by history. Victoria comes at us with a short What I Learned On TV This Week segment and more than plenty movie reviews. Enjoy all this and more in an hour and 25 minutes.

Articles of the week:
You can’t bring food and drink in the zoo and it’s your own fault
Stop sweeping the snow, it makes us look bad
Teen Evangelist Misisonaries forget the 10 Commandments
Well she’s OLD and A WOMAN and ASIAN…what did you think would happen?
Yet another old woman that can’t drive

Top 10 Movie Endings Spoiled by History

114: Sponge Shaft

Guess what? We has guests again as Butch joins us. We discuss the Royal Rumble, Five things you may not know about your penis, a classic airline complaint letter and the world now has it’s first openly-gay leader! All of this in 88 minutes!

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