112: Eat Pussy Not Cat

Butch joins us on this episode!

We start out right away with a beer tasting that lasts about 40 minutes into the show. Oh and for anyone playing at home, whoever had Victoria spilling beer on herself at 24:27 into the show wins something. I don’t know what yet but let me know who you are and I’ll send you along a prize.
During this tasting there’s talk of Ricardo Montalban, Jesus being a hitman, odd names for girls and other things.

After the tastings we get down to business and talk about US Air Flight 1549, The New Adventures of Doctor Johnny O’Fuck, Butch’s latest works as DJ Brotherdarkness and his new shirt/co-worker.

Victoria brings us what she learned from TV this week, Movie Reviews and AN AWESOME LIST! I should warn you this exceeds 2 hours and 17 minutes so make sure you have some time to sit and really enjoy this one. If not, listen to the beer tasting, then come back later for the rest.

Lastly the link is below but be sure to catch DJ Brother Darkness (as butch is sometimes called) most Monday night at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest just north of downtown San Diego. It’s at 1271 University between Vermont and Richmond.

Links for the week:
News on Flight 1549 for those not in the Know is on CNN
Island of Misfit Songs for all things DJ Brother Darkness