108: Victoria’s Episode

To start off this week Victoria wants to make it very clear that she does not get drunk on every episode. I guess I’ll add that I don’t either but I don’t feel quite as strongly as Victoria about that fact needing to be clear in everyone’s mind.

Now that we have that piece of business out of the way let’s begin. The lyrics to “All My Lovin” by The Beatles are a bit more perplexing that we thought at first hearing. Victoria has a new tattoo and no I swear this whole episode isn’t all just about her. We discuss Thanksgiving with her family, an abstinence flyer she found, What I Learned from TV and an awesome list. OK maybe this episode IS all about Victoria.

We include our friends and pay hommage by stealing a couple of their bits. First is beer of the week from Audiobuzzed in which we both try the Alaskan Smoked Porter courtesy of Becky Lou. Secondly we have food service stories from The DAH Theory. We had some poor service lately and thought we’d mention it. So check out those two shows after you’re done with this one.

Lastly there’s an article about Nebraska now limiting drop offs to babies only. Apparently some parents thought they were funny and dropped off their teenage brats.

As always go vote for us on Podcast Alley and keep checking in with us for new episodes, news and stories. This one lasts a grand total of 90 minutes!