Special Episode: Pussycast #1

My apologies as I thought I had uploaded this earlier. Grr me. SO ANYWAYS…

While we were in AZ visiting with the DaHonays, the boys (MrD and myself) decided to go out for sushi and bring it back home. We were gone for quite a while trying to find a place that was open (and enjoying some beers along the way) so the girls decided to experiment while we were gone.

What you hear is mostly DaHonay with Victoria WAY in the background. Listen for Victoria. HI VICTORIA! You gotta shout. She’s way over there. Then Yummy Lane joins the show and sits right down next to DaHonay and what comes out is awesomeness galore the whole show through. Listen closely. It’s A-B porn the whole way through since all three ladies have very lovely voices.

OK I’m gonna stop drooling now and let you just listen.