103: Trichinosis For The Win

We’re here with the DaHonays! Recording from the DaH Theory studios out in Somewheresville, SW USA, we enjoy some bubbly after a big Texas Tech win over the #1 Longhorns (NOT #1 ANYMORE!)

We start out with some talk about old college days and the early days of the internet before moving on to topics at hand. Those include my first week of unemployment, our weekend with the DaHonays and the Texas Tech game. Add a few articles for fun, stir up a few drinks and chomp on some bacon. This episode was a blast to record! We come in at 1:11:31.6 for those counting at home.

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Speaking of, there is this little deal the girls have made but one change has been made since we recorded. The deadline. Send us a donation of over $5 before November 16th at midnight Pacific Time and you will get emailed photo shots of Dah and Victoria breasts.