November 2008

106: D.R. Uncast

Rhian is back! Turn the sound up and enjoy this one as we START the show a little drunk off our butts.

On this episode we discuss Victoria’s time in a Japanese market, discovering the Cougar Ranch on the way back from Arizona, the three of us enjoying the Wild Animal Park, Victoria’s new BFF and the joys of Baileys and Sambuca (not together). Toss in an article on five jobs you wanted as a kid and why they suck and some drunken banter and you’ve got under 40 minutes of fun.

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105: Straw Man!

Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us for this episode live in our home!

We start the show off discussing keeping her with us always and Canadian provinces before jumping into Rhian’s adventures on her flight out here and her initial impressions of San Diego.

We talk about our first few days this week including dinner at Dublin Square her first night out here, breakfast at Pannikin the first morning and our trip down the coast to see our beaches. Rhian is amazed with palm trees, birds of paradise and our weather. We take her out to one of the beaches in La Jolla, Chuao Chocolatier and of course her first In-N-Out experience which includes the joys of Straw Man. From there is Too Cool For Karaoke in a new location and anticipation for what would happen the rest of the week.
We get this all in under 74 minutes and give it to you as a sort of part 1 of 3. Enjoy!

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Special Episode: Pussycast #1

My apologies as I thought I had uploaded this earlier. Grr me. SO ANYWAYS…

While we were in AZ visiting with the DaHonays, the boys (MrD and myself) decided to go out for sushi and bring it back home. We were gone for quite a while trying to find a place that was open (and enjoying some beers along the way) so the girls decided to experiment while we were gone.

What you hear is mostly DaHonay with Victoria WAY in the background. Listen for Victoria. HI VICTORIA! You gotta shout. She’s way over there. Then Yummy Lane joins the show and sits right down next to DaHonay and what comes out is awesomeness galore the whole show through. Listen closely. It’s A-B porn the whole way through since all three ladies have very lovely voices.

OK I’m gonna stop drooling now and let you just listen.

104: Obamapalooza!

The election counts are over! We has change!

Victoria and I record a short little something for love and charity and the betterment of all mankind. Obama wins the Presidency, CA hates homosexuals and alternative fuels but loves animals and high-speed trains.

103: Trichinosis For The Win

We’re here with the DaHonays! Recording from the DaH Theory studios out in Somewheresville, SW USA, we enjoy some bubbly after a big Texas Tech win over the #1 Longhorns (NOT #1 ANYMORE!)

We start out with some talk about old college days and the early days of the internet before moving on to topics at hand. Those include my first week of unemployment, our weekend with the DaHonays and the Texas Tech game. Add a few articles for fun, stir up a few drinks and chomp on some bacon. This episode was a blast to record! We come in at 1:11:31.6 for those counting at home.

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