101: Introduction to Uncast

Your lesson is about to begin!

We start easy with Tarot for Dummies, move on to a few observations and Daniel brings an awesome list to the table! After this, it gets a bit tougher with Kitlers, What Victoria learned from TV this week, the NFL season so far including recaps of weeks 6 & 7 and 3 games of the week with 2 results.

Question for the audience: For business cards, is it OK to use an MA even if your MA doesn’t have anything to do with your position? Phd?

We get a last minute email from a listener about show 100 and we end the show with our new personal political mottos.

We have a few people to thank. Namely YOU! Thanks so much and your efforts paid off. We have indeed been nominated as one of the 10 finalists for the 2008 Entertainment Podcast of the Year. We have some friends who were finalists for Podcast Awards as well!

Starting October 23rd and once every 24 hours we need, want, beg and DEMAND that you go out and vote for the following shows:

People’s Choice: Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
Best Video Podcast: Brother Love Notes (support BroLo here)
Comedy: Never Not Funny
Education: Tips From The Top Floor
Entertainment: UNCAST!
Food and Drink: I Love Lard
General: Audiobuzzed
Mature: The Jamhole
Podsafe Music: Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

The rest you can vote based on wherever your heart leads you.

VOTE ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS STARTING THURSDAY OCT 23! Help us bring home the trophy!