100b: Communism? Yes!

Part two of a two part celebration of Uncast’s 100th episode!

We start part two with an mp3 message we got from our friends at Audiobuzzed.com and move right into a submitted letter from my cousin Thomas. This episode includes anal clotting, words that rhyme with orange, a man crashing his car into a map shop, our Uncast Awesome List and a brand new game called “Eat, Kill or Fuck” which we spoke about in a previous episode of the same title.

Aaron comes in with a story about his co-worker finding out the Playboy Mansion has quite the handsome cover charge even for invited guests. After this there’s a good deal of chaos and confusion and drunken conversation until we come to the end and say good night thanks to the Red Army Chorus. Again this is about an hour and two minutes, so plan your time wisely!