100a: Communism? Yes!

Here it is! Episode 100!!! This one’s a two parter.

In part one we start right off with a skype conversation the room had with Rhian and Jim from Audiobuzzed including an interruption from our neighbor Tony and both Tonys talking to each other in Russian. Perfect start to a party celebrating Uncast in a Soviet way with the undisciplined format of a capitalist pig dog.

We then start the show right off with Becky, our local Jew, accidentally drawing swastikas and the group apparently deciding that The Count from Sesame Street was a pimp. There are various food tastings, an explanation of all that is Booyah, a short mention of OJ finally being found guilty on something and of course the VP debate. We end part one with Butch’s story about Jenna Haze visiting his place of employment (no he is not a porn star…yet) and pimping Uncast in the process. Each part is about an hour and three minutes so time your shit wisely. I know how you Westerners like to do things your own way.