097: Can I Lick It To Make Copies?

Becky’s birthday including sushi, cake, beef boxty, Irish music and Pinkberry. Victoria entertains us with random insertions of Bruce Springstein. Daniel has an issue with a sign on new copiers at work. Join the Donut/Bacon campaign for 2008. Victoria brings us an awesome list that no one can take seriously.

We recap the game of the week, come up with a new one and Victoria complains about Jeff Reed. There’s a history lesson in hobos and if Dick Cheney is a zombie, would you rather he take you from behind or eat your brains? For those not grossed out by the thought, Martha Stewart likes long weiners. We end the episode with a story of an accident with tweezers.

As of the release of this episode, Uncast #100 has been recorded but we are still taking audio messages for the show. Send them in to uncast.net@gmail.com and if we get it before the show is finalized, we’ll include it. Take care and slainte! This only took us 49 minutes, 27 seconds.