October 2008

102: Horrific Things I Would Pay To See

We start right off this episode with Sarah Palin trying to make our children retarded. We have cow news, a new segment and Victoria has an awesome list. Of course there’s Game of the Week action and Things I Learned From TV. We question the reasoning behind some professional athletes having a pantsless party together, review a recent baby shower we attended which of course leads to a quick discussion on a baby with a rather interesting mutation and detail my new long vacation. Add in an article about connecting beer and religion and all of this gets wrapped up in under 54 minutes.

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101: Introduction to Uncast

Your lesson is about to begin!

We start easy with Tarot for Dummies, move on to a few observations and Daniel brings an awesome list to the table! After this, it gets a bit tougher with Kitlers, What Victoria learned from TV this week, the NFL season so far including recaps of weeks 6 & 7 and 3 games of the week with 2 results.

Question for the audience: For business cards, is it OK to use an MA even if your MA doesn’t have anything to do with your position? Phd?

We get a last minute email from a listener about show 100 and we end the show with our new personal political mottos.

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100b: Communism? Yes!

Part two of a two part celebration of Uncast’s 100th episode!

We start part two with an mp3 message we got from our friends at Audiobuzzed.com and move right into a submitted letter from my cousin Thomas. This episode includes anal clotting, words that rhyme with orange, a man crashing his car into a map shop, our Uncast Awesome List and a brand new game called “Eat, Kill or Fuck” which we spoke about in a previous episode of the same title.

Aaron comes in with a story about his co-worker finding out the Playboy Mansion has quite the handsome cover charge even for invited guests. After this there’s a good deal of chaos and confusion and drunken conversation until we come to the end and say good night thanks to the Red Army Chorus. Again this is about an hour and two minutes, so plan your time wisely!

100a: Communism? Yes!

Here it is! Episode 100!!! This one’s a two parter.

In part one we start right off with a skype conversation the room had with Rhian and Jim from Audiobuzzed including an interruption from our neighbor Tony and both Tonys talking to each other in Russian. Perfect start to a party celebrating Uncast in a Soviet way with the undisciplined format of a capitalist pig dog.

We then start the show right off with Becky, our local Jew, accidentally drawing swastikas and the group apparently deciding that The Count from Sesame Street was a pimp. There are various food tastings, an explanation of all that is Booyah, a short mention of OJ finally being found guilty on something and of course the VP debate. We end part one with Butch’s story about Jenna Haze visiting his place of employment (no he is not a porn star…yet) and pimping Uncast in the process. Each part is about an hour and three minutes so time your shit wisely. I know how you Westerners like to do things your own way.

099: Sorry I’m Out Of Service

This episode is simple and to the point. We discuss the VP debate, bottomless party ideas, baseball and then move right into two surprises: a portable recording from the car after picking Rachel up from her dad’s apartment and late-night Uncast in bed and uncut. Now with loud backgrounds of car engines and a purring cat! All wrapped up nice for you in just over 50 minutes!

Song at the end: The Bedlam BardsBlack Leather Band
For those that appreciate old Irish folk music with a naughty twist!

098: Eat Kill or Fuck

We have a clueless lady giving us questions a woman should ask her boyfriend. We have a topic from Aaron asking us about cross-cultural food pairings. We discuss why you should tip your bartenders well and what “well” means. Victoria discusses TV shows and introduces another round of Good, Bad or Eh. We learn about a secret fetish of Victoria’s and what that means for Daniel. There’s a few quick references to NaNoWriMo, an old short story Victoria once wrote becoming reality, the baseball playoffs and our old In-N-Out buddy, Crackhead Bill. All this in a mind pleasing 47 minutes and 16 seconds.

097: Can I Lick It To Make Copies?

Becky’s birthday including sushi, cake, beef boxty, Irish music and Pinkberry. Victoria entertains us with random insertions of Bruce Springstein. Daniel has an issue with a sign on new copiers at work. Join the Donut/Bacon campaign for 2008. Victoria brings us an awesome list that no one can take seriously.

We recap the game of the week, come up with a new one and Victoria complains about Jeff Reed. There’s a history lesson in hobos and if Dick Cheney is a zombie, would you rather he take you from behind or eat your brains? For those not grossed out by the thought, Martha Stewart likes long weiners. We end the episode with a story of an accident with tweezers.

As of the release of this episode, Uncast #100 has been recorded but we are still taking audio messages for the show. Send them in to uncast.net@gmail.com and if we get it before the show is finalized, we’ll include it. Take care and slainte! This only took us 49 minutes, 27 seconds.