096: The Mounting Pole

Victoria starts us off with a mathematical word problem surrounding 80’s new age pop music groups. We then go on to discuss her trip to Los Angeles and the adventures on the train. I bitch about my co-workers and boss, move on to football and wrap up my segment by going off on Malcolm Gladwell. Is he the new L Ron Hubbard? The new Joseph Smith? The new Nietzsche? Is it fair of me to lump him in with these people? We finish the episode by closing the Food Mascot Tournament of Champions. Who will win? Do you agree with the outcomes? Do you care? Write us at uncast.net@gmail.com and tell us how you feel about what we discussed today.

Also, episode 100 is just around the corner. YES we will still record the show on Saturday because we’re road warriors dammit and we’re determined to record 4 shows in 5 days. Email us your mp3 greetings or just give us a list of conversation topics, things you want us to discuss or perhaps you have a story to tell or an opinion that needs to be heard. Have a question for us? All of these things can be sent in to uncast.net@gmail.com or comment on the website at www.uncast.net OR leave a message on our myspace page or Facebook group wall!