093: Oh The Day I’ll Have

SO my computer crashed and burned (well not literally but it’s definitely a hardware problem) so I’ve pulled out my old Gateway and we were finally able to record!

Topics from this episode include my perfect Saturday. Gotta give some link support to Le Peep‘s for their great breakfasts, Sportsclips for the most genius idea in a salon for men yet, Metallica and their upcoming Album “Death Magnetic” to hit stores Friday! Also Stone Brewery for their great beer and ID checking abilities and lastly DZ Akins our favorite local Jewish deli.

Football season is here! We discuss fantasy football, our first Game of the Week and Victoria’s first draft experience in an FFL. We try out Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter and I won’t spoil the surprise but I will say I changed my mind after the podcast was over. Victoria did not.

Lastly Victoria goes through songs for her fictional album that she came up with during a recent Bob Dylan concert, I bring back some funny answers from past games of Beyond Balderdash with friends and of course Victoria has a few “Who would win in a fight” matchups with an added twist.