September 2008

096: The Mounting Pole

Victoria starts us off with a mathematical word problem surrounding 80’s new age pop music groups. We then go on to discuss her trip to Los Angeles and the adventures on the train. I bitch about my co-workers and boss, move on to football and wrap up my segment by going off on Malcolm Gladwell. Is he the new L Ron Hubbard? The new Joseph Smith? The new Nietzsche? Is it fair of me to lump him in with these people? We finish the episode by closing the Food Mascot Tournament of Champions. Who will win? Do you agree with the outcomes? Do you care? Write us at and tell us how you feel about what we discussed today.

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095: The Perfect Pull

This show was recorded Friday. Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrgh! Oh yeah, it’s no longer Talk Like a Pirate Day. Nevermind. Moving on!

In this episode we taste some beers, Victoria brings an awesome list and reviews a musical called “Memphis” as well as the latest Fratelli’s concert she attended at the San Diego House of Blues.
Victoria brings home some strange chocolates including one with bacon (yay!) but not one with Beckham (yay!). We discuss NaNoWriMo, the November Party and GAME OF THE WEEK…in which Victoria wins yet again.
We end the episode with a bit of purse talk and the Food Mascot Tournament of Champions. All this in 1 hour, 9 minutes and 20 seconds. Can ya dig it?

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094: Eight Seconds

Uncast enjoyed hosting it’s first ever beer tasting party. It was a smashing success. Joining us in on this episode (though mostly heard in the background due to our shitty guest mic) is Allison, Butch, Spence and Tony.

Topics jump all over the place so I’m not even giving you any formal notes. Just know there’s a couple stories from Butch, the return of Daniel’s Redactions, The Food Mascot Tournament of Champions and lots of laughs.

We’re cramming this 8 seconds into about 93 minutes. Think you can handle it? Guess who can’t.

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093: Oh The Day I’ll Have

SO my computer crashed and burned (well not literally but it’s definitely a hardware problem) so I’ve pulled out my old Gateway and we were finally able to record!

Topics from this episode include my perfect Saturday. Gotta give some link support to Le Peep‘s for their great breakfasts, Sportsclips for the most genius idea in a salon for men yet, Metallica and their upcoming Album “Death Magnetic” to hit stores Friday! Also Stone Brewery for their great beer and ID checking abilities and lastly DZ Akins our favorite local Jewish deli.

Football season is here! We discuss fantasy football, our first Game of the Week and Victoria’s first draft experience in an FFL. We try out Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter and I won’t spoil the surprise but I will say I changed my mind after the podcast was over. Victoria did not.

Lastly Victoria goes through songs for her fictional album that she came up with during a recent Bob Dylan concert, I bring back some funny answers from past games of Beyond Balderdash with friends and of course Victoria has a few “Who would win in a fight” matchups with an added twist.

092: Let Her Cry

This week we keep things simple. We start out with beer, move on to the Olympics and head straight into a breakfast cake fit for a God (cause anyone else would die). I go off on California Prop 8 and Victoria tries to convince me that if molestation were my only chance to save the life of a child, I should do it. Does that offend anyone? Cause it sure offended me! We then quickly discuss the upcoming NFL season and announce the return of the Game of the Week! All this in under an hour. Can you believe it?!

Congrats to Big Jim (host of Audiobuzzed) for winning the song contest! We’ll be sending him an Awesome List box complete with a CD of all our chosen songs from 1978-2008. For those playing along at home, we’ll read off the songs on air next episode.
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