July 2008

088: Enlarged Clitoris Equals Florida

OK long show and short show notes.

So here’s what we covered:

Seven People Who Cheated Death
Death of Comedians of Comedy
Victoria’s New Game: Yay, Boo or Eh?
NEW SEGMENT!: New Adventures of Doctor Johnny O’Fuck
Random Victoria Stuff

This show is nearly 81 minutes of fun!

Remember this is the last episode of the contest! You have until noon on Sunday (Pacific Time) to get your entries in. We’ll collect them all at that point, tally up the points and announce the winner on the show we record that night. Winner gets an exclusive Uncast Awesome Box including an mp3 CD of all our chosen songs from 1978-2008.

Get those submissions in to uncast.net@gmail.com

Also, we’re still looking for personal stories, interesting topics you would like to hear us discuss and of course any nude pictures of yourself that you would like to send along. We do accept bribes either through nude photos of you or donations to the cause.

087: The Grand Potato

Well this episode gets interesting in a hurry. We start right off by basically calling the Pope a potato in Prada and move on to the All-Star game and the week’s activities. Victoria creates a new rousing game of Cape or Boat. Victoria also decides that in the Heroes universe, she’s choosing evil. Oh and on top of that, she has questions to ask the men of the audience:

1. Would you do Seth Green?
2. Who would you go gay for?

We discuss two upcoming movies, Canada’s odd choice of holidays, an elevator to space and oh yeah, NEW AWESOME LIST. Just in time for the end of the contest. YOU HAVE ONE MORE EPISODE!

086: Anyone Want To Taste My Tropical Concoction?

Butch joins us this week for more debauchery.

We begin with a bit of geek by reviewing books and movies and move onto darker stuff including killing retards, taking advantage of women that pull you into closets, tuna wranglers and two angry beavers.

We work with new nicknames as Daniel (Logic Bear), Butch (Pickle Mole) and Victoria (Razzle) get drunk and read off the first awesome list submitted by Cinnamon and read by Razzle.

Recommended books:
Positively Fourth Street” by James McManus
Killing Yourself To Live” by Chuck Klosterman
The Dirt” by Mötley Crüe

Reviewed Movies:
Beowulf (by Daniel and Victoria)
Hancock (by Butch)

Only two more episodes coming out before the contest is done! Hope you’re getting your lists together.

085: Sommelier Monkey

Kicking off this show Victoria goes right into her need for a Sommelier Monkey to bring her the appropriate wine whenever she needs one.
We go over the past couple weeks and talk about karaoke with DaHonay and Becky including Butch’s perfectly time rick-roll combined with me rocking it out, thus balancing out the atmosphere and making for a night of karaoke never to be equaled.
Victoria regales us with tales from the cat shelter, Friends of Cats as well as her first lunch at Stone Brewery in San Marcos. We both discover what “Music of the Night” is all about and Victoria rants about deceiving internet advertisements. NO not the pop-up ads. Just listen. It’s about 53 minutes long.

Remember our contest is still going on until five days after Episode 88 is released. Guess all the songs we’ve played after the episodes from 78-88 and them with the most correct (or randomly drawn if there’s multiple winners) will win a CD of the songs as well as an official Uncast Box of Awesome.

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