082: He Popped My Hymie!

A very interesting show indeed. We start out with new equipment that won’t work and move on to some observations Victoria made recently. Among those observations are the following: music and math lead to clowns being midnight tokers, the philosophy of little people, things that share a love of forts, shamateurism, the conundrum that exists in a hummus and ham sandwich and cats from Ancient Egypt to the Internet.

Speaking of cats, Cinnamon finally struck back after all the abuse she’s taken over the last 81 episodes. I don’t know what her problem is really. We let her appear on every show.

Victoria brings us another great Awesome List!

We also come with two articles from Reuters:
1. How does a man have a heart attack on Hawai’i? Was it the poi?
2. Is it cheating if you weren’t technically married at the time?

Oh and have you all noticed something a little different at the end of the last few episodes, say from episode 78 on? Well…
To celebrate our 30th birthdays, we’re playing our favorite songs from each year of our lives. 1978 being Episode 78 and so forth, we each chose one song each from that year as our favorite making sure none repeated.
It is your job to guess the song title and band by listening to the short clips we play at the end of each episode from 78 to 88. Because waiting until 108 would be too long and we wanna give you your prize!
The deadline is five days after Episode 88 is released. SO be sure you listen to that last episode quickly and get those entries in to us at
The prize will be an mp3 CD of all the songs 1978-2008, an Awesome List prize pack and a plethora of small trinkets and surprises.

Oh and isn’t this a coincidence? At the time we recorded the episode, Chipper Jones was hitting .420. The length of the episode? 42.0 minutes exactly. Is it magic or are you just high?