079: Only Whores Eat Cherries

Topics for this episode include: We start out discussing Victoria’s first experience with a fresh cherry. We move on to seeing a full jar of pasta sauce on the side of the road and that moves us to Hobo news.

Victoria then starts in with an American Idol season finale recap, a theory about gays being like dead people and a review of the movie, Enchanted. She asks me and so I ask you: Which of the major Disney heroines would you have sex with? Which one, do you think, is the biggest bitch?

We talk a bit about Jesus band-aids and then we get to know Daniel by using some profile questions found on SuicideGirls.com.

Don’t forget to email us with any topics, questions or personal stories that you would like us to discuss, answer or tackle on the show. This episode is over 71 minutes long. Enjoy!