May 2008

080: Charlie Problems?

This week Cinnamon goes to the vet and we have to ask the eternal question: How easy is Easy Mac? We have a very special announcement that we’re pretty excited about.

Victoria tests our morality (or lack thereof) and we discuss some of why people come up with the morals they do. OH! I also have some redactions! We go through the third round of the FMTC and end the episode with a story about a minor league pitcher being traded for bats and why does a team from Calgary need Maple bats? Do they not have maple trees in Canada?

079: Only Whores Eat Cherries

Topics for this episode include: We start out discussing Victoria’s first experience with a fresh cherry. We move on to seeing a full jar of pasta sauce on the side of the road and that moves us to Hobo news.

Victoria then starts in with an American Idol season finale recap, a theory about gays being like dead people and a review of the movie, Enchanted. She asks me and so I ask you: Which of the major Disney heroines would you have sex with? Which one, do you think, is the biggest bitch?

We talk a bit about Jesus band-aids and then we get to know Daniel by using some profile questions found on

Don’t forget to email us with any topics, questions or personal stories that you would like us to discuss, answer or tackle on the show. This episode is over 71 minutes long. Enjoy!

078: Go Back To Your Corner

This week I got called on a jury, Victoria reads disgusting remedies for simple ailments and why did Rush decide to write songs in code? California courts have ruled a law defining marriage as only between a man and a woman as unconstitutional. We’re all heading to the chapel in 46:51.

We continue the Food Mascot Tournament of Champions and Victoria reviews the movie, Once.

077: He Took His Teeth Out & Smiled At You!

This week we want to send out mega Happy Mother’s Day wishes to our own moms and all the moms out there who listen.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss cannibalism, monkeyballs, and we come out with a new segment based on topics that frequently come out on

This week, it has brought up a question that we now pose to our listeners: who is worse when it comes to cleanliness in the lavoratory, men or women? We end the show talking about the 18 things a grown man shouldn’t have. The show ends right around the 80 minute mark.

076: Apologies to Everyone

We have Butch in the house yet again.

We start out with a rebuttal from our last show. Followed by no apology whatsoever from the offender.

Victoria comes at us with the latest Awesome List, we recap the live show for This American Life, review Forgetting Sarah Marshall and discuss a special TDSC meet up at Corvette Diner and Casa de Uncast followed by a brunch at Studio Diner.

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Also we have announced a party for Victoria’s birthday. She expects NOTHING. However, if that’s not good enough for you, feel free to go here or here and buy her something.