068: Don’t Stick Your Dick In A Tainted Melon

This week we talk about Easter weekend. This includes the obvious, like Jesus, the Chicken of God. This also includes Studio Diner, why IN-N-Out should be open on Easter, the argument about having lamb as Easter dinner, Victoria glorious “Peep Show” creation and why basketball is for children. We go through the 25 most disturbing sex toys according to our friends at Cracked.com and wonder if we’re going to hell in the name of humor.

Of course Easter couldn’t be over without more announcements by the Catholic Church. This time it’s in the form of seven modern mortal sins. We discuss them all and why the church is breaking them voluntarily. I guess when the Pope is sitting in St Peter’s chair, he really is infallible. We discuss the bacon v. Beckham saga again and Victoria has an awesome list!