066: It Smells Like Delicious Ass

This is UNniversary 2008! We have reached one year in podcasting. So what do we do? We do what we promised to do in Episode One: celebrate with more people. On this show we have Butch, Becky, Aaron, Marina and Allison with us as we broadcast the FIRST EVER LIVE UNCAST EPISODE!

Now let’s get down to the topics:

Dwarves Can’t Be Ninjas
We Pick On Rachel
Presto! Print Emails and Photos Without a Computer!
Aaron’s Grandma Will Kill You
A Nine-Year Old Sets a Van On Fire
A Tornado Hits Atlanta (We hope Beerchick is OK)
We Talk Literature
Victoria Outs Me About Choosing Savage Garden For Our First Dance

Right. Victoria and Marina are getting eaten out by their pets, Butch is tripping and falling on dicks, Aaron has a lethal Grandma and yet I’M the one who’s the terrible human being because when I was 21 I had bad taste in music and chose the worst possible moment to express it.

Notice: Victoria did not object at all to that song until MONTHS after the wedding was over. She didn’t stop me. She never objected. In fact, I remember her bringing up the idea of the song but let’s not get into who’s memory of things is correct. Either way neither of us stopped the other and so however it truly went down…we’re in this together. It’s time for a second wedding.