065: If You Stuck a Finger in Me and Pulled Out a Plum…

20 years ago we all got rickrolled as “Never Gonna Give You Up” reached #1 on the charts. This episode was all on me since I bring damn near everything on the table and Victoria adds a nursery rhyme and a play on a children’s story.

We also discuss weed as an aid for Altzheimers, reasons why you teetotalers need to start drinking more alcohol, more redactions and apparently the latest winner of the “Ugly Dog Contest” hails from San Diego and goes by the name of Victoria. How interesting.

Check these out:
Mark Kistler’s Secret City Adventures Mural
Cannabis Offers Hope to Altzheimers Patients
Reasons To Start Drinking Alcohol
48 Blinded as They Stare At Image of Virgin Mary In the Sun
Victoria wins Ugliest Dog Contest

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