March 2008

069: That’s How Bitches Get Shot

Episode 69 is here! Octal 69 is 105. Hexa 105 is 69. Now that 69 is no longer sexy, let’s get to the show notes.

Food Mascot Tournament of Champions continues. We read a list sent to me by my cousin that came from some L.A. pretentious retard about why California is better or some stupid shit. Sal Monella is showing up in more places at once than I think is possible. There must be a conspiracy goin and we think it involves cranes. Victoria gets a rape whistle and when she might need to use it…like the next time I get Jesus angry.There’s ball removal, SUV’s knocking people off their toilets and baseball.

068: Don’t Stick Your Dick In A Tainted Melon

This week we talk about Easter weekend. This includes the obvious, like Jesus, the Chicken of God. This also includes Studio Diner, why IN-N-Out should be open on Easter, the argument about having lamb as Easter dinner, Victoria glorious “Peep Show” creation and why basketball is for children. We go through the 25 most disturbing sex toys according to our friends at and wonder if we’re going to hell in the name of humor.

Of course Easter couldn’t be over without more announcements by the Catholic Church. This time it’s in the form of seven modern mortal sins. We discuss them all and why the church is breaking them voluntarily. I guess when the Pope is sitting in St Peter’s chair, he really is infallible. We discuss the bacon v. Beckham saga again and Victoria has an awesome list!

067: The Dungeon Master

This week we review UNniversary 2008 and finally the truth about “The Savage Garden Incident” comes out. We also get some topics out that were supposed to be part of the UNniversary show and got left out.

We also introduce a new segment to the show: The Food Mascot Tournament of Champions. This one will be repeated. Thanks to all our listeners for sharing a year with us. We hope to bring you many more so stay tuned.

066: It Smells Like Delicious Ass

This is UNniversary 2008! We have reached one year in podcasting. So what do we do? We do what we promised to do in Episode One: celebrate with more people. On this show we have Butch, Becky, Aaron, Marina and Allison with us as we broadcast the FIRST EVER LIVE UNCAST EPISODE!

Now let’s get down to the topics:

Dwarves Can’t Be Ninjas
We Pick On Rachel
Presto! Print Emails and Photos Without a Computer!
Aaron’s Grandma Will Kill You
A Nine-Year Old Sets a Van On Fire
A Tornado Hits Atlanta (We hope Beerchick is OK)
We Talk Literature
Victoria Outs Me About Choosing Savage Garden For Our First Dance

Right. Victoria and Marina are getting eaten out by their pets, Butch is tripping and falling on dicks, Aaron has a lethal Grandma and yet I’M the one who’s the terrible human being because when I was 21 I had bad taste in music and chose the worst possible moment to express it.

Notice: Victoria did not object at all to that song until MONTHS after the wedding was over. She didn’t stop me. She never objected. In fact, I remember her bringing up the idea of the song but let’s not get into who’s memory of things is correct. Either way neither of us stopped the other and so however it truly went down…we’re in this together. It’s time for a second wedding.

065: If You Stuck a Finger in Me and Pulled Out a Plum…

20 years ago we all got rickrolled as “Never Gonna Give You Up” reached #1 on the charts. This episode was all on me since I bring damn near everything on the table and Victoria adds a nursery rhyme and a play on a children’s story.

We also discuss weed as an aid for Altzheimers, reasons why you teetotalers need to start drinking more alcohol, more redactions and apparently the latest winner of the “Ugly Dog Contest” hails from San Diego and goes by the name of Victoria. How interesting.

Check these out:
Mark Kistler’s Secret City Adventures Mural
Cannabis Offers Hope to Altzheimers Patients
Reasons To Start Drinking Alcohol
48 Blinded as They Stare At Image of Virgin Mary In the Sun
Victoria wins Ugliest Dog Contest

and of course…VOTE FOR US!!! Podcast Alley & Bloggers Choice Awards

064: Instincts and Reflexes

For this Episode Victoria has a grand plan to create a comic book based on a serial killer and Bon Jovi songs. We visit my cousin Thomas and together the three of us beat his family at Go Fish! There’s a very special PSA from Victoria and we discuss some of the worst jobs in history. The show ends with my rant against Daylight Saving Time. This show ends abruptly at 49:31.

UNniversary 2008 is Saturday night and we’re putting together the final preparations for the party and our show will be broadcast live on PalTalk at 11pm EST.

063: Blood Sausage and 200 Pennies

Happy Birthday to Dr Seuss, were he still with  us. In this episode we discuss baseball, carpet cleaning disasters, scientific discovery involving vodka, why one should maybe not use a blowtorch to clear snow and a bunch of students pay for lunch with pennies.

We discover that for some troops, saying goodbye just isn’t enough. There’s more redactions from him, an awesome list from her and we all learn a valuable lesson: Apparently we’re all just a bunch of self-entitled brats.

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