053: Before He Was a Conqueror, William Was a Bastard

Happy Croissant Day!! Well, when we recorded this, anyways.

This we we have TWO lists: The Top 5 Pop Culture Games You’ve Never Played & Seven Things the World Doesn’t Need More Of

Victoria discusses singing karaoke and Jane Austen movies while I bring up such intelligent topics as headless rats shipped to England.

We talk about interviewing processes for jobs and how we can make the process as interviewers more interesting. This ends with Victoria interviewing me for my own hosting job and I end up not only getting hired but acquiring a new title: Lord Joe Daniel III Jr Esq PhD DDS

Her words? “I’ll hire you because I Need to Finish This Show?

The KATG room in Paltalk submitted topics for us and here they are:

NYC, this fucked up weather, how awesome Tucson is and clowns are creepy.