February 2008

060: You Cannot Put Your Lotion In Her Basket

We start out with shoes, stamps, American Idol and Pro Wrestling.
We move on to the world’s worst entrees, a crazy cashier at Target and my bad back.
We end it with Cinnamon and her box and of course there’s the reminder about the upcoming UNniversary party. This one follows the old 1:11:01 routine. Proceed with caution.

059: What the Fuck is Cherry Wine?

Becky joins us for this one and let’s just say it gets a bit chaotic. From lightning to wrestling, cake and Alice in Wonderland. You never know what’s going to come next!

058: Face Down At Mary Kate’s

Butch joins us once again for another long episode. Topics of the evening include Daft Punk, Dennis Miller, making Victoria cry, Butch’s Birthday Evening, Dwight Howard and just how soon is too soon?

The EPL wants to come to the USA, there’s a Cool Ranch conundrum, Joe Buck can suck a nut (Not mine please!) and I do something romantic!

057: Your Dip To Stick Ratio Is All Fucked Up

This episode is full of whackiness. Watch out folks! Victoria drops her hatred of Lance Burton for a moment to hate on local weatherman, Joe Lizura. We discuss Valentine gifts, Fun Dip, and we discuss God. Yeah that’s right. God.

I rag on my mom for sending me a chain letter about illegal aliens when we have illegal alienism in our heritage and she’s a leech on the government.

There’s also pathetic topics about bars at closing time, selective sperm, bum trash and badass POTUS.

Oh and there’s something about David Beckam but I can hardly remember. Can you? I didn’t think so.

056: Fluffernutter, Fruit and Mr Coffee

First an R.I.P. to Roy Scheider. We don’t want you coming to eat our brains later. “We’re gonna need a bigger skull.”

So topics include a lot of food. There’s hybrid fruit, Mr Coffee, my mostly food-themed awesome list and frankly the two of us are pretty tasty. Victoria adds on a few amendments to her last list and we review some more movies. 41:19 for this monster.

055: The Baby Fights Back, The Beer Doesn’t

This episode is straight and to the point. Victoria starts us off with some observations about the cat and we both share our own observations of the Presidents primaries. Victoria wants to start a new musical and a new business centered around how one might tell their ex that they should probably be tested. We hear about one mother who can’t tell her baby from her six-pack and Victoria gives out some marital advice.
This one’s short: 39:37.

Homework for the fans: What are you giving up for lent? If you aren’t catholic, first off, thanks for not being evil and second, tell us something you’d give up for a greater good.

Our apologies for Episode 54. Apparently, if you upload a file, it never gets deleted. If you try to overwrite that file with a fixed one that has the same name, somehow the old file stays online.

So, I had to go through a few versions of the file before one existed that worked properly. Those who heard the old file, what I corrected was my rewrite of the first verse to “Stronger”. The old version sounds like crap and so I stripped it and re-recorded it. Uncast054fixed.mp3 should be the correct file. Delete all the other versions of the episode on your iTunes.

Again our apologies for the issues. I don’t anticipate this happening again now that I know how Libsyn works.

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