045: City of Magic and Titties

We’re back from our trip out to Las Vegas to celebrate New Years Eve 2007 and New Years Day 2008!

With a mix of our own commentary comes a couple new guests to the Uncast family: Legion and Mr. DaHonay. We discuss the Brother Love concert featuring Chemda at the New York/New York Hotel’s Bridge Bash.

Since we spent a few days in Vegas, we also discuss tourists, beer in odd containers, the M&M store, people handing out cards, and of course magic and titties since that’s basically what Vegas is all about. Sorry, not much for the gambling kiddies. It’s all bare female breasts for this podcast. Oh and Keith and The Girl who with Brother Love helped make this the best New Years Eve ever.

AND with the new year comes a new request: VOTE for Uncast at Podcast Alley!

Here are some pictures of the event…and more from others.
Check out Keith and The Girl at www.keithandthegirl.com
and check out Brother Love at www.brotherloverocks.com
Purchase some KATG merchandise and buy Brother Love’s CDs!

*EDIT* A correction needs to be made: I got a PM this morning from Memecherry letting me know that I had accidentally misquoted her regarding the Mikey situation. Here’s what she told me:
“What I actually said was that we were just friends, and only friends the whole time, and if anything he had a thing for Chemda.”

Just making sure we get our facts straight here. Apologies to Memecherry and to Mikey for the misquote.