January 2008

Not sure why but episode 51 originally only uploaded part of the show file. I deleted the post, reuploaded the file and posted the episode again. If you check iTunes, there should be a second file that runs just over 49 minutes. If that’s not the case, please let me know. Of course, at that point I’ll be all out of ideas but we can have fun enjoying the chaos of it all.

Thanks guys for keeping us posted! Keep that communication coming!

051: Dear God…

This week we read letters to God from children all over the country, talk about diseased penis and what item we’d fight for most in the case of a divorce. Don’t freak people. Things are just fine in the Uncast household.

Victoria gives us another American Idol review, redacts one of her awesome list features and we take a trip down memory lane and ask all of you to give us the cereals, toys and cartoons you loved most as kids.

We finish up the episode with tarot card readings inspired by the appearance of Robert Alvarez on Keith and The Girl.

050: Estrogencast II

This show is done sans Daniel as Becky and Victoria discuss strippers, poles, a feigned attempt to talk football and knitting. There’s more talk about TV shows, men, sex and a story from a dog about its owners Roomba.

049: Orange Fuck You Up the Ass

Butch joins us again as we discuss drinking, a get together to meet our favorite Kiwis, giant white cock and Butch reaches a new low.

Victoria teaches us that it’s not the size of your cupcake, it’s what you call it. We talk about strange baby naming strategies and try to convince Victoria that Tony Sinclair is annoying. We taste test the new Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper and in the end we all want to go where everybody knows your name…or at least what brand you drink.

048: I’m Peter Falking Her

We start this right off with an apology. I let everyone know that Victoria is not a racist for thinking Nate and Snoop Dogg are related. They are in fact cousins.

Now moving on we do learn later that she is a bigot. Well you say tomato, I say go fuck yourself. We go through the losers from American Idol, which of course are the ones who watch. That would be us for anyone counting.

We rename smores brownies “Smrownies” and I have more redactions to make from old episodes. Did you all do your homework? This one weighs in at 47:21.

047: The News Is Not Taped

This week there’s plenty to talk about from the NFL playoffs, thoughtless co-workers, Victoria’s review of Sweeney Todd and a return of everyone’s favorite segment: Daniel’s Redactions. That’s right folks, it’s back!

Oh and did I forget? We learn a little Irish as well. You have to listen to the end this time. This one coming in at 47:19.

046: It Always Involves a Dead Friend

This week we discuss our upside down buttons, Juno, the Studio Diner, a story that sounds a bit like something from Weekend at Bernies, titles, monkey prostitution and Victoria has another Awesome List!

Lastly, we have a friend who’s having a birthday next month. This friend has sent us (and other people on their list I’m sure) an invitation to this event five times in five different ways. Oh and on MySpace, this invitation has been sent twice a day for about a week. We get it. You don’t want to be the only one at your little party. We’ll be there.

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