040: Panty Liners and Pokemon

This week we relive stories of the Uncast 39 After Party. Sad that it wasn’t recorded however the word is out and people like Victoria drunk SO that said, we have a donate button on our webpage at www.uncast.net DONATE and help us keep Victoria stocked in Vodka!

Victoria discusses American’s Next Top Model much to my objection. Becky joins us to help bake for the winter season and we discuss the horrors of the Christmas shopping season. Namely crowds, traffic and the disrespectful.

Speaking of that, we want stories! What was your best or worst Christmas gift and what’s the story behind it? The best story we get by December 22nd at noon Pacific Time will get an Uncast t-shirt! We’ll announce the winner on the episode immediately following Christmas.
Send your submissions (yes there can be more than one..ONE best and ONE worst) to uncast.net@gmail.com

Daniel’s Awesome List
10 – Cost Plus
9 – Family
8 – My new lens
7 – Cinnamon
6 – Rainy weather
5 – Comfy Sweaters
4 – Booze!
3 – In-N-Out
2 – Team Paltalk
1 – Victoria

Game of the week
Detroit wins and I win!! The Vikings won 42-10.
This week we’re recording on Sunday so it’s the Monday night game, New Orleans vs Atlanta.
Who’d have thought when the NFL were deciding on Monday Night games that this would be a shitty matchup?