039: You Cannot Come Into My Tuning Fork Tub

Butch joins us after a long absence.

We discuss college football, women with strange accents, music and we all get blitzed. Victoria and I do our version of “Can I Get A” for the ghetto challenged BY the ghetto challenged. Butch even brings an awesome list.

Around 1:10 into the podcast, it all goes to hell. Listen though, cause it’s funny as hell. I’M not the one loaded off my gourde.

Links for the show:
Party Ben
Mark Ronson’s “Authentic Shit” Podcast
Kristen Bell COMPLEX Magazine shoot

We have wish lists for Christmas!!!
Butch’s Wish List
Daniel’s Wish List
Victoria’s Wish List
Oh and ladies, Victoria needs a Rabbit and I don’t mean the furry animal.

This episode brings us into a new month. That means Podcast Alley!