December 2007

044: A Pantagruel of Truth

This week we recap our Christmases, discuss the next best thing, Boxing Day criminal offenses, some stories from Butch and there’s A LOT of drinking.

We also announce the winner of the 2007 Christmas Gift Story Contest. 2008 I believe will have to be just the Christmas Story Contest as one entry was truly awesome but couldn’t win by technicality.

043: Uncast Christmas 2007

It’s Christmas time! Surely this is being released a day late but we recorded this on Christmas Eve.

Victoria tracks Santa’s progress with NORAD as we go through tales of the last week, our own Christmas Awesome Lists, we discover Rockstar Energy Drinks and I have a need to piss on the Highway of Holiness. Victoria gives us the celebrity surprise of 2007 and as Santa heads our way, we head to bed with visions of vodka and scotch in our heads.

There are still a few hours left to submit your Christmas gift stories. If you can get them in by the time you go to bed tonight, we’ll read them and have a winner announced tomorrow night when we record episode 44 with Butch.
Send those stories to us via email to

Wishing you and yours the best of success, health, happiness and love this winter season.

042: Thank Yous All Around

In this episode we talk about the fun of the postal service (not the band), the gifts Victoria has recieved so far, the amazing generosity of our listners, game of the week, and Cinnamon’s in trouble again. Oh noes.

This year is almost over and we want to take a moment to thank all of our listeners. You have been great with your comments, support, gifts and most importanly just listening. Thank you for spreading the word and helping our show get off the ground with a great start. We hope to bring you much more in 2008. Thanks!

Remember, we are still looking for your greatest/worst Christmas Gift stories! We’ve already got some good ones, so get yours in. The best story will win an Uncast t-shirt literally off our backs. The deadline for submissions has been extended!!! Send your story to:

You have until Christmas Day at noon. At that time Victoria and I will sit down in front of the tree and read all the stories together. We’ll pick the best one by the time we record Episode 44 on December 27th and the winner will be announced then. We’ll release the episode on Saturday, December 29th and as soon as the winner contacts us with mailing information, we’ll send the shirt right out!

041: Basket Full of Ankle Socks

This week we discuss bringing Keithisms into child rearing, Victoria’s review of a recent Tori Amos concert, our new car, the annoying waitress at Coco’s, Holiday Party Tales, bad Greatest Hits Albums, a new term for masturbation, Sweeney Todd and of course it’s time we recognized Brother Love again and pimped his site and awesome music.

Also, if you could only choose one friend, who would it be: Superman or Batman?

040: Panty Liners and Pokemon

This week we relive stories of the Uncast 39 After Party. Sad that it wasn’t recorded however the word is out and people like Victoria drunk SO that said, we have a donate button on our webpage at DONATE and help us keep Victoria stocked in Vodka!

Victoria discusses American’s Next Top Model much to my objection. Becky joins us to help bake for the winter season and we discuss the horrors of the Christmas shopping season. Namely crowds, traffic and the disrespectful.

Speaking of that, we want stories! What was your best or worst Christmas gift and what’s the story behind it? The best story we get by December 22nd at noon Pacific Time will get an Uncast t-shirt! We’ll announce the winner on the episode immediately following Christmas.
Send your submissions (yes there can be more than one..ONE best and ONE worst) to

Daniel’s Awesome List
10 – Cost Plus
9 – Family
8 – My new lens
7 – Cinnamon
6 – Rainy weather
5 – Comfy Sweaters
4 – Booze!
3 – In-N-Out
2 – Team Paltalk
1 – Victoria

Game of the week
Detroit wins and I win!! The Vikings won 42-10.
This week we’re recording on Sunday so it’s the Monday night game, New Orleans vs Atlanta.
Who’d have thought when the NFL were deciding on Monday Night games that this would be a shitty matchup?

039: You Cannot Come Into My Tuning Fork Tub

Butch joins us after a long absence.

We discuss college football, women with strange accents, music and we all get blitzed. Victoria and I do our version of “Can I Get A” for the ghetto challenged BY the ghetto challenged. Butch even brings an awesome list.

Around 1:10 into the podcast, it all goes to hell. Listen though, cause it’s funny as hell. I’M not the one loaded off my gourde.

Links for the show:
Party Ben
Mark Ronson’s “Authentic Shit” Podcast
Kristen Bell COMPLEX Magazine shoot

We have wish lists for Christmas!!!
Butch’s Wish List
Daniel’s Wish List
Victoria’s Wish List
Oh and ladies, Victoria needs a Rabbit and I don’t mean the furry animal.

This episode brings us into a new month. That means Podcast Alley!