November 2007

038: I Gots the Whooping Cough

This week Becky joins us and we share Thanksgiving highlights, Victoria’s penchant for the old and the gay, party fouls and Becky brings a few topics to the table.

037: Mr Darcy Drinks Too Much

OW! Daniel’s back! The boring me is gone and Uncast is free at last!

This week Victoria tries to sabotage the show titles, I make a confession, we hear about the pledge of allegiance, role play, Lazy Sunday the Victoria version, firefighters failing, and of course the upcoming holidays.

She gets me to talk about my feelings. Somehow it’s still fucking hilarious.

Oh and Jesus Bear died for your sins. Victoria wanted to say that but didn’t spit it out before I hit the STOP button.

036: Mayor Joe Rogans

It’s blogs galore on Uncast! Check these out!


We discuss the possibility of a Porn Pyramid Scheme, Ninja Porn, odd jobs for out of work actors and talk show hosts, the Dolphins earn their first win but they can’t save a cow who threw himself 200ft off a cliff and into oncoming traffic. We found an article claiming that women can’t cook and pose the question: Who would win in a fight? Zorak or Larry King?

035: You Say Tomato, I Say You’re A Crack Whore

Becky joins us for this episode and joins us in discussions of more tattoos, Halloween, philosophies behind the 72 virgins myth, toothpaste flavors and the crunk cup.

We went to the Escondido Renaissance Faire and we have a little fun at the thought that the person portraying Queen Elizabeth might be a guy. We also went to the Oceanaire Seafood Room and she liked it but I’m calling it my choice for Restaurant of the Year in 2007 for San Diego. Victoria reviews the song “Bed” by J Holiday.

Check it out:

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